About Us

We are a group of experienced and credentialed consultants who care about providing strategic and innovative solutions for small and mid-sized business owners, doctoral students, and business higher education curricula administrators.

Principal owner and consultant, Dr. Michelle K. Preiksaitis, brings 30+ years of business leadership, talent management, strategic planning, and doctoral project oversight to clients. She has senior human resource management certifications and has an active Illinois law license.

Her consultants include experts in information technology, business, human resource management, law, leadership, and strategy & innovation. 


Coral is a living organism which thrives in safe, clean, and balanced environments; similarly, organizations achieve optimal functioning when the culture and environment supports employees. As a seasoned scuba diver, Dr. Preiksaitis was a member of a nonprofit organization in the USVI that spent time working to save the coral reefs and find solutions to environmental threats to their existence. Toxic environments, invasive species, negligent divers, climate changes, and harsh weather systems destroy, bleach, and kill coral reefs. Identifying and eliminating these toxins help reefs thrive again.

Similarly, companies experience environmental changes that can disrupt employee morale and satisfaction. Solid strategic plans and innovative business models can solve for distractions and avoid disruptions.  By identifying and then eliminating organizational toxins, efficiency, alignment, and balance return to the organization’s environment.

CORALS LLC will help you find these toxins and suggest solutions. We will teach you how to implement the fixes. Then, we help you optimize and maintain your positive momentum allowing your business to thrive.


Discover and disseminate strategies to increase organizational efficiencies, outcomes, and performance through interactive and applied business research.


We will become a trusted partner for businesses, universities, and doctoral students in providing and supporting their strategic planning, learning, and research.


Sharing leadership strategies that lead to inclusive, safe, enjoyable, kind, and equitable work environments is our goal. We provide judgment-free  and caring advice, support, and strategic directions to our business partners.