About Us

We are a group of experienced and credentialed consultants who care about providing strategic and innovative solutions for small and mid-sized business owners, doctoral students and professors. .

Principal owner and consultant, Dr. Michelle K. Preiksaitis, brings 30+ years of business leadership, talent management, strategic planning, and doctoral project oversight to clients. She has senior human resource management certifications and has an active Illinois law license.

Her consultants include experts in information technology, business, human resource management, law, leadership, and strategy & innovation. 

Dive into Excellence with CORALS LLC


The name “corals” drew from our founder’s work among the coral reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Corals are vibrant living organisms that thrive in safe, clean, and balanced environments. So, too, do organizations flourish when their culture and surroundings support their workforce.

Dr. Preiksaitis worked for 5 years with with the C.O.R.E. Foundation in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which was dedicated to preserving coral reefs. From toxic environments to invasive species and climate changes, coral reefs face challenges. The mission? Identify and eliminate threats to restore vitality.

In the business arena, organizations navigate environmental shifts that impact employee morale. Solid strategic plans and innovative business models help organizations steer through disruptions and maneuver away from toxins. CORALS LLC identifies organizational situations that can reduce productivity or efficiencies, proposes effective solutions, and guides the leaders through new process implementation. Our goal is to not only restore but to optimize and sustain positive momentum, allowing your business to thrive.

For doctoral students, post-docs, and doctoral professors, we guide you through dissertation writing, article creation, data analysis, and the publication process using streamlined methods that will allow you to replicate them later. Give us a call – the waters here are warm and we’ll help you breathe throughout the journey.

Let CORALS LLC be Your Navigator 


We tenaciously research and implement innovative strategies to elevate organizational culture and drive business efficiencies, outcomes, and performance. We empower new researchers to publish and thrive.


We will be a trusted ally of emerging researchers and startups, guiding and publishing impactful social science research to foster innovation and growth.


By advocating for inclusive, safe, and supportive workspaces, we offer compassionate and nonjudgmental strategic direction to our valued partners. We champion the democratization of research through open access. Our unwavering commitment to ethical research practices remains our bedrock.